Get the high-quality dental care you need

High-quality dental care doesn’t have to break the bank. That’s why we accept most insurance providers. Our friendly staff will help you file your insurance claim to make the process hassle-free. New patients are always welcome.

Anyone can afford our expert dentistry services

Your ability to pay should never stand in the way of you getting the dental care you need. To keep your costs low, we’ll never recommend a service that isn’t necessary.

You can reduce your dental costs with routine visits to the dentist and good oral hygiene. Taking care of your oral health can help prevent a wide variety of expensive dental problems, like root canals.


We accept the following insurance:

  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • Delta Dental
  • Altus
  • Mass Health
  • And many more!

To know more about the insurance plans we accept, please contact us today.

If you don't have insurance or if you have a high co-pay, you may be interested in our financing options.

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